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Google Apps

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps provides the power of a first-class email system for your domain at an affordable, predictable annual fee per user, per year.

  • Get customised email (i.e. [email protected]) with Gmail for business
  • Share and manage your calendars online with Google Calendar
  • Create team websites as easily as creating a document with Google Sites
  • Collaborate easily and simply with documents, presentations and spreadsheets with Google Docs

Reduce costs

Traditional business email and collaboration tools can be costly to purchase, set-up and maintain. With Google Apps everything is hosted online, which means your business doesn’t require additional hardware or software. Using Google Apps minimises the need for maintenance and upgrades, as this is all managed by Google, which reduces your IT costs even further. Many small businesses just like yours have made big savings using Google Apps.

Be more efficient

Google Apps goes beyond traditional email and gives you numerous applications to help you work efficiently with people inside and outside of your business. Google Docs – web-based documents, spreadsheets and presentations let you share your work easily inside and outside of your business. Google Docs enables you to work collaboratively on one version of your documents as well as giving you any time access to your work. Google Sites – create an intranet without the need for IT support, quickly and simply with Google Sites. Let project teams create and share sites to make sure information is shared throughout your business. Google Video – share videos within your business while retaining security of your data, great for sharing things like training videos, or team announcements.