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The Cloud

cloud_mainpicWhy The Cloud?

Cloud computing is the future of Information Technology and businesses are rapidly moving towards adoption of the various facets that constitute a Cloud based system.

The reasons for this are the many advantages a Cloud based system offers to businesses of all sizes. We specialise in cloud computing for the SME, offering a specific Cloud Implementation Strategy service to assist you in the many decisions that you should make. When a clear strategy has been agreed we can ensure your business does not lose competitive advantage by making sure you utilise the cloud in the most suitable way for your own particular company with our Cloud Implementation Services.

Google, Microsoft and Apple are all dedicating their futures to the cloud. Don’t you think you should be considering it too? Contact us to learn more about these exciting developments and how you can make sure your business does not get left behind.

380066275_origCloud Servers

Cloud resilience has come of age.

The benefits to the IT organization may be obvious but did you know that cloud-based resilience benefits your business too?

Virtually every aspect of your business is vulnerable to disruption. Continuity issues could take your business offline for days, even minutes of downtime can prove costly and the risk to your business’ reputation is even greater.

Cloud computing reduces spending on your technology infrastructure. Capital costs are reduced as there is no need to spend on hardware. Expand without the need for expensive software licences or programs while improving accessibility from any location, making running your business easier!

It may be time for your organization to jump on The Cloud too!

Contact us now to find out how we can help you achieve a higher level of business resilience in the cloud.

cloud_implementationCloud Implementation Strategy

Small to medium enterprises (SME’s) rarely have the luxury of being in the fortunate position of being able to afford to engage large firms of IT Consultants to take full responsibility for undertaking their transition to the Cloud.

At the same time it is essential that companies do not blindly take decisions in this regard, and in any case the needs of SME’s are not the same as larger enterprises.


EC IT undertakes a comprehensive review of your existing systems, work practices, current and proposed, considers future requirements and matches them to the most suitable cloud technologies for your enterprise.


A recommendation is then made, based on full or partial cloud transition depending upon each particular set of circumstances. This recommendation is then issued in the form of a comprehensive report which is discussed with the client to ensure all aspects of it are fully understood and all concerns, requests and desirables have been fully addressed.


Once the recommendations have been accepted, complete with any modifications arising from the consultation progress, the plan is costed to provide company management with an idea of what would be required to achieve the strategy, or steps therein.

cloud-computing-icon1Cloud Implementation Services

EC IT specialise in assisting SME’s to make a seamless transition to the use of cloud technologies, engaging closely with your company at all stages to ensure that the full advantages of cloud computing are gained from the transition.

The needs of each individual company vary and each has different requirements and concerns which must be accommodated during the process. A project engineer is assigned to the company for the duration of the process, which can take as little as a few hours to several days.

No disruption to your normal working practices occurs so no productivity is lost. Depending upon each particular set of circumstances a partial, full or sometimes dual cloud computing solution is put in place. The benefits can be immediately obvious.