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Server Installation and Maintenance

Without compromise, servers are the heart beat of every network.

Our server maintenance plans are designed to keep your server/s updated and always working to produce the expected performance for your network users. Our server maintenance plans comprise of:

  • Checking server log files
  • Applying service packs and updates
  • Checking hard disk space
  • Checking core file and folder permission
  • Checking complete security
  • Checking application functionality
  • Checking redundancy
  • Make necessary Software and Hardware upgrade recommendations
  • Check backups and more.

mobile-devices-2Smart phones and Tablets

The integration & use of smart phones and tablet devices is set to continue at a pace over coming months & years, placing more importance than ever than having a proper policy & network management system in place.

Whether you issue business phones or tablets to staff, or if you allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) it is your business network that has to handle and manage these devices,
not just to allow the user to complete their work or job function, but also to meet all the legislation and security risks this brings to your business

Getting it wrong could be financially crippling for your business

EC IT can provide professional advice to ensure you get it right and avoid the pitfalls

Unlike most IT organisations, we also offer full set up / provisioning on devices, and a dedicated Service & Support contract for tablet devices alongside main PC’s / Servers / laptops etc

Dell-580-PC-1PC Installation and Maintenance

Keep your computer desktops operating at their peak performance all the time and improve your employees efficiency.

Our computer maintenance plans will give your business peace of mind knowing that it will not break down suddenly as an experienced engineer has checked it and applied any necessary patches. Our computer maintenance plans comprise of:

  • Anti virus software check-ups
  • Disk space utilisation
  • Defragmentation of hard drives
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues
  • Temporary internet files purging
  • Installed software check-ups
  • Check log files
  • Install necessary updates and service packs and more.

Faster than your regular call out!

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cloud_mainpicWired and Wireless Networks

Keep your network operating smoothly and trouble free by having a network maintenance plan carried out by an experienced engineer. Our network maintenance plans are directed at eliminating networks which in the long run cost your business money due to poor performance or even complete failure at critical times. Don’t wait until your network breaks down to get an expert’s help. Our network maintenance plans comprise of:
  • Checking switches
  • Checking routers
  • Checking printers
  • Checking firewall logs
  • Checking UPS’s and more.
  • Checking hubs
  • Checking print servers
  • Checking firewall rules

slider-image2Hardware Sales

EC IT can fulfil almost any hardware or software requirements you may have. We assume the role of a centralised source of all necessary components that your business may require while representing your best interests. We will only work with high quality equipment suppliers as we have found through experience trying to save costs on the choice of hardware incurs much greater costs in lost downtime very quickly. Our speciality is the supply of hardware that requires installation and/or set-up. This allows us to bring added value to the purchase.

Hardware Services

EC IT can provide expert representation when it comes to the specifying of hardware to ensure suitability for system incorporation, including negotiating with the supplier.